Holy Shot!

November 22, 2016

As mentioned in my last post, I was in search of a new medication combination because my head pain has been increasing instead of decreasing. Thus, I went to my appointment in hopes of getting some new medication. In a way I got it but not in my regular daily combination, I have a new abortive (as needed medication). This one comes in an injection form. That’s right, a shot. For anyone who knows me, this is a shocker. I do not get along with needles, I’m downright scared of them. Therefore, this goes to show the amount of pain I am in and what I will go through to get some relief. My husband would be the injector (yes I could do it in my leg but I don’t think I am able to convince myself to go through with it). This new abortive is only allowed twice a week and must be taken with an anti-nausea medication. It’s meant to keep me from having to go to the ER. I haven’t tried it yet because it has taken until yesterday to get the prescription. Here’s hoping for future relief!

On a happier note, I now am the happy and proud owner of a car. I have been without a car since the beginning of August and am very excited to have some freedom again. It is an older used car with some wear and tear but it is mine and it’s cute. I was able to visit with some family after my doctors’ appointments and when picking out my car. It was great to see them again, though exhausting. I came home and crashed on the sofa and/or bed for the next two days. Noise is my greatest enemy these days and the combination of pain and fibromyalgia wears me out. I also have trouble with fast movement and jarring (like going over bumps when riding in a car). Unfortunately I haven’t gotten out for a walk since getting home but I hope to very soon. My doctors really encourage walking and it does seem to help lift my spirits.

I’m now resting up for Thanksgiving. I have a great deal to be thankful for and am so happy to be able to celebrate with my family: my husband and kids. We have our traditional delicious meal planned and I have had offers for lots of help. That will be greatly appreciated. I hope you and yours have a fabulous Thanksgiving and remember to give thanks! Happy Thanksgiving.


4 thoughts on “Holy Shot!

  1. Cindy Wilson

    Seeing how you are grateful despite your pain and the changes you’ve had to accept during the past year is truly an inspiration, Lori. Thank you for sharing your perspective. You are missed more than you know!



  2. Paula Prater

    Love reading your blog Lori, and praying that this new med can give you some relief. I really miss our talks and many laughs at the MS. Congrats on your new car and some independence and have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Your friend Paula


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